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Join us for the 49th Anniversary of Medicare on Wednesday, July 30th.

We'll be pushing our Congressional representatives to co-sponsor HR676, the National Health Insurance Act.

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All HCAC events/actions advance our vision of a more just world that includes

health care as a human right in a system and provides health care to all without financial barrier 

financed by a public, universal, single-payer model.


Visit and like our Facebook page for more information on the week's activities sponsored by the 

Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign of Denver



And are you ready for the launch of an incredible year of educating and advocating for health care justice in Colorado?
We are.  One single standard of high quality care for all without financial barrier -- single-payer, improved and expanded Medicare for all for life.  The reality of health care reform for Colorado and the nation.


Health Care for All Colorado (HCAC) is a nonprofit organization in Colorado working to:

  • inform Coloradans about advantages of the (public) single-payer system of financing health care,
  • create a coalition that will develop strategies for achieving comprehensive, affordable and high quality health care for all Coloradans, and
  • build a grassroots movement that will campaign for the single-payer system in Colorado, including work to support citizens ballot initiative for 2014 supporting health care as a human right and a public good in Colorado.


If you would like to join a local chapter of HCAC, click on the "Get Involved" link on the menu bar, click on the HCAC chapters option, and choose a chapter near you.  We're always interested in starting new chapters where they are needed, so if you don't see one that meets your needs, let's talk about forming one.  


The Health Care for All Colorado Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and works to educate Coloradans about single-payer health care and also supports the Colorado chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP).



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commented 2014-08-09 14:45:34 -0600 · Flag
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commented 2014-07-31 00:10:04 -0600 · Flag
As reported by the O*NET Online, certified nursing assistant are very much sought after in the State of Colorado. Thanks to the state’s aging population and continuously growing health care industry, the demand for additional employees significantly out-distances that of other healthcare professionals. According to http://cnacertification-training.com/cna-classes-in-colorado/ the timing just couldn’t be better. See information and extensive resources for CNAs at http://cnacertification-training.com/
commented 2014-07-07 00:11:43 -0600 · Flag
Healthcare is the one off the most growing fields in the terms of the career. It’s time to open up the more and more medical center which can provide healthy and cheap solutions to the health problems. In Colorado medical services are quiet better as compare to other states even http://medical-assistant-salary.net/ a site which keep track the salary changes in united states shows that the average salary of medical worker in Colorado is almost 20% higher then the mean annual salary.
commented 2014-02-26 04:24:02 -0700 · Flag
With every election a presidential candidates announce revolutionary steps for the health care. But after the elections they are even don’t know what they promises about the health. Can we think that what is the reason behind the problem and Why shouldn’t we have to try to overcome to this problem. Time will pass and the things related to health is becoming more worse. We all have to work together for the positive results. http://small-fridge.net/ a website of information about mini fridge salutes You to putting efforts for the rights and positive change in the society.
commented 2014-02-06 04:24:15 -0700 · Flag
In a single-payer system, streamlined, cost-efficient administration saves money for either a state or country. These savings are used to achieve universal health care. A publicly accountable single-payer agency can: 1) pool contributions from individuals, employers, and government; 2) define comprehensive benefits that apply equally to everyone; 3) negotiate prices of services, supplies and equipment, and prescription pharmaceuticals; 4) foster quality of care; and 5) efficiently pay all bills for defined benefits. A single-payer system of financing health care can do for all of us what none of us can do alone. It can secure broad funding and keep costs in line so that everyone benefits from complete, affordable health care for life.

List of Nursing Assistant Schools found in Colorado
commented 2013-12-01 15:01:01 -0700 · Flag
Thank you
commented 2013-11-22 00:33:28 -0700 · Flag
Without having health insurance Now its becoming difficult to admitted in hospital. Their are certain question every american ask to his/herself .
Is only insurance worth not our health issues? I think personally thinks that in-spite of spending too much money on health insurance government can provide us better facilities regarding health. Nobody on government side is willing to take this step.A badge like "Health Treatment for All " can be added to campaign and sites like http://french-door-refrigerator.net/ so every field of life work for it.
commented 2013-11-06 19:17:42 -0700 · Flag
TY :)
commented 2013-11-06 13:38:19 -0700 · Flag
I think the ACA is a great start, but I am unemployed and have been w/o work for five years. I am 56 and caring for an infirmed family member since 2007. Since there are no children in the house, applying for Medicaid is out of the question. Paying into Medicare so everyone is covered is a great idea but it should no longer have “parts”. That I think, has only made it less effective.
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commented 2013-10-15 11:50:54 -0600 · Flag
Just more wealth for the elites who really run and control Colorado!
commented 2013-10-15 11:46:14 -0600 · Flag
Post office, Amtrack,
commented 2013-09-30 16:15:53 -0600 · Flag
There’s an amazingly simple fix for Health Insurance in the US:

Set a price for ANYONE to buy into Medicare……it would shore up this program and at the same time, help those who need affordable healthcare!!! In no time, a majority of Americans would choose this plan……and the Right Wing can keep their own insurance and avoid SOCIALISM!!!
commented 2013-08-30 03:13:37 -0600 · Flag
From last few years it has to be seen that reforms in health care are constantly revised. But there are some reforms which not favor the public as it guesses. Few years ago i have seen the procedure of http://becoming-a-psychiatrist.org/ i amazed to see that its quiet complicated it take almost 12 years to be a psychiatrist. Without making reforms in medical education programs it impossible to get desire results
commented 2013-07-11 21:11:52 -0600 · Flag
the #HR676 universal hc bill creates 2.6 Million #jobs day one and Trillions in Revenues covers dental eye glasses mental health 2 we have 40 million + infected with parasites and they have no clue as of yet !
commented 2013-06-20 01:22:26 -0600 · Flag
Persevere!! Medicare and Socxial Security both took years to pass. We need a rational, single payer plan for the US. Senators have socialized medicine, and while a system like the German model does not, IT DOES cover everybody! We would save $BILLIONS/year and prevent thousands of medical expense caused bankruptcies if we used a sensible model instead of the half-assed hodge podge we have now.
commented 2013-05-16 08:58:50 -0600 · Flag
Don’t want health care reform ? It doesn’t affect you anyway.

Well my right leg is numb and ins. won’t pay for my surgery and since I’m powerless to do anything I’m just going to get in the car and drive that 3 ton weapon all over town anyway.
commented 2013-05-15 07:59:23 -0600 · Flag
Honestly, do you really think 2 milliion people would leave Colorado? A more important question to ask following your line of reasoning is why would 2 million people leave Colorado? An epidemic? Rampant pollution? And, even in such an extreme example, why wouldn’t a premium adjustment not be acceptable. Right now, you have a kind of national socialism where individuals tie their welfare to a corporation in order to have their health care expenses subsidized…
commented 2013-05-09 08:58:30 -0600 · Flag
About fifteen years ago our resort company pioneered COBRA bridging for its seasonal employees, many of whom represent the spine and soul of the winter sports business. Prior to that, many of us went without medical health insurance until the company could pick us up when the winter season came around again. A few years ago, the company rolled back this benefit until it costs far more now [about double] to bridge than it does to go outside and break down the family coverage to find what is economical. When I asked someone in HR why this important benefit had been rolled back, the one line answer I got was, “Obamacare.” That’s nonsense. While not perfect, the Affordable Healthcare law is an important step in breaking the stranglehold insurance companies have over our health care and health insurance system. Why, for example, is it in the public’s interest for insurance companies to be exempt from federal anti-trust laws? The answer can only be, it isn’t. It’s in their interest and that must stop. They can’t have it both ways, claiming a free and competitive marketplace is the American way toward a solution, then rig the system in their favor. Let them compete with the public. In Colorado, if five million people got together and each paid a level premium for universal health insurance coverage, I would bet dollars to donuts we’d soon have a healthy and functioning system that we could all be proud of and would be a model for the rest of our nation.
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commented 2013-05-06 14:09:53 -0600 · Flag
I have been a trustee on a Health and Welfare Multi Employer Fund for a long time. about a decade. I have watched our costs triple in ten years. We have made major modifications to our plan just to slow down the losses and when we did have one year we actually built reserves and within a year it was upside down again. We are looking at the possibility of taking all of the benefits but major medical away just to keep a benefit of some kind. This is a disgusting problem and this country (USA) should be much smarter about this issue. I applaud Colorado for trying to get a single payer system. Yes it will cost tax payers money but it will save those who are paying for insurance out of their pocket and even those in company health plans a lot of money. It also reduces the possibility of uncompensated health care which means people who go to the emergency room for everything and don’t pay a penny. That costs hospitals a large amount. I did the research 4 or 5 years ago and it cost one hospital in Colorado Springs 84 million dollars in one year. But you know what, the hospital still made money because they accounted for the loss in their budget and raised their rates on those with insurance to cover the 84 million dollar delta. That is just one hospital in one town. Add it up for the state and see what that number looks like. All of that cost gets passed on to those with insurance and that is what is causing the problem. The only way to fix it is to cover everybody. I promise it will cause health care costs to drop. The hospitals won’t have to cover a huge number like what is listed above before they can even make a dime of profit. This should not be a political issue, it should be a social issue. The republicans are busy fighting everything about this because it dings one of their major contributors, health insurance companies. Health insurance companies are like any other business, they do not want to lose their revenue stream, but in this instance it is important that they do for all of our sakes.
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About Health Care for All Colorado http://t.co/vF6rMgFP via @hcac
Health Care for All Colorado
We are the leading organization working for a publicly-funded universal health care system for all Coloradans.