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I note from your model legislation that you plan to have the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners be the group that determines who will be delivering the care. Chiropractic Services and CAM are followed by question marks. As a Naturopathic Physician who has just battled the arrogance and anti competitive Colorado Medical Society and Sen Aguilar for regulation of Naturopathic Doctors for the past several months, I can tell you that unless you have a group deciding what scope of care is provided, there will be no Chiropractic or CAM care allowed. You will be told that you are getting Evidence Based Medicine by the MD/DO crowd that just came around after decades of telling us the PSA test is the standard of care, is no longer the standard. How many of their drugs and surgical procedures have been recalled/terminated because they do not work or injure and kill their patients? Of course the evidence based medicine of manipulation, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine and other CAM is rejected by those people since they do not believe in its efficacy. And in the meantime, very few patients are harmed and very rarely die at the hands of a CAM practitioner. If you want change, and if you want choice, DO NOT GIVE THE BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS THE CHORE OF DECIDING WHO WILL PROVIDE CARE AND WHO WILL NOT. In fact when the CAM and Chiropractic communities learn what you plan to do you will face serious headwinds. INCLUSION, I think is what you have in mind and that should include those who provide care as well as those who consume it.

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