Medicare turns 54!

President Johnson signs Medicare into law.
Above: On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Medicare bill into law with former President Harry S. Truman at his side.  Photo credit: The Associated Press.

On this day fifty-four years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law, guaranteeing millions of Americans over 65 health care who were previously left in the dark, unable to afford a private plan or who were solely dependent on the kindness of family, friends and neighbors. Fifty-four years later, Health Care for All Colorado and health care activists across the country are still fighting for Improve Medicare for All to guarantee that same right to all Americans.

We are living in unprecedented times. More Democratic presidential candidates than ever before are speaking about Medicare for All on the national stage. YOU are responsible for this moment. Every conversation, letter, and email you have sent to an elected official. Every rally, conference, and workshop you have attended. Every friend and neighbor you have reached out to and shared your passion with. YOU have moved the needle forward. We are on the precipice of years of work and struggle for equity becoming a reality. But we are not there yet.

Activists rally Feb. 13 2019 at the Colorado State Capitol for Universal Health Care.  Photo by Darral Freund.

The fight continues. There are still so many American voters who are not convinced that universal healthcare is the way to go. Politicians can only do so much. We must continue to carry the torch and reach deep into our communities to ensure that in 2020, voters will turn out and elect a health care champion. We must also hold our current elected officials’ feet to the fire to do what is right by all their constituents. 

Your membership to Health Care for All Colorado ensures you have the tools, resources, and networks to be an effective health care advocate. This year we are doubling down on building coalitions with other like-minded grassroots organizations, hosting events and expanding our reach, and furthering engagement with people from marginalized communities and young people. 

We simply cannot do this without your support. Join Health Care for All Colorado in celebrating 54 years of Medicare by becoming a member or renewing your membership today. Consider donating $54 to commemorate this huge milestone!  Our time is now!

You can pay securely online, or mail a check to:

Health Care for All Colorado
789 Sherman Street, Suite 300
Denver, CO  80203

(P.S. Help us grow our membership base and update our contacts! Email [email protected] to volunteer to call supporters.)

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