HB24-1075: Universal Health Care Analysis Bill Introduced!


In the first week of the Colorado 2024 legislative session, a new bill has been introduced to finally create a robust and detailed analysis of universal health care in Colorado!

Prime sponsor, Representative Karen McCormick has introduced HB24-1075 "Analysis of Universal Health-Care Payment System" into the Colorado legislature.  A similar bill, HB23-1209, was introduced last year but ultimately fell victim to the legislative clock running out.  By introducing the new, updated bill this early in the session (first week!) it is much more likely to make it through the legislative process.  The goal is to have this bill get through both the House and Senate by March 25th, ahead of the "long bill" that tends to delay remaining legislative work.

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In a nutshell, HB24-1075 aims to answer questions like:

  • What could a universal health care payment system in Colorado look like?
  • What would be the impacts on the health care workforce?
  • What would the impacts be on individual and community health?
  • Where are the current gaps in health care and how could a single-payer system address these gaps?

The Statewide Health Care System Study defined by the bill would be conducted by the Colorado School of Public Health.  The Colorado School of Public Health previously previously conducted (HB19-1176) an unbiased and nonpartisan comparison of the current Colorado health care financing system with both multi-payer and single-payer universal health care options.  Unsurprisingly, their 2021 Task Force report found that "a fully publicly financed and privately delivered (universal) health care system could yield significant health care savings."  This study would go much deeper in focusing on the construct and broader benefits of a publicly-financed universal health care system.

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