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HCAC is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit social welfare organization which began in 2001 in response to the increasing numbers of Coloradans who are not able to secure basic health care in our current health care system.  HCAC views health care reform as both a human rights issue and an economic necessity, advocating for the adoption of a single-payer system which ensures that all Coloradans have access to affordable and comprehensive health care services.

HCAC came into existence because of the widespread problems in our current non-system of "providing" health care. For example, under our current "system," we find the following:

  • 46.6 million Americans, including 788,000 Coloradans lack health insurance
  • the U.S. spends roughly twice as much per person as any other industrialized country in the world
  • the U.S. ranks 37th in the world in health care
    [See the WHO's World Health Report 2000
  • the choice of providers is restricted by the insurance companies
  • over one-half of all personal bankruptcy filings are due to disastrous medical bills
  • nationally, only 54% of workers are covered through their jobs, down from 66% in 1979.

  • the crisis in health care system is and will continue to get worse without fundamental change 

We support single payer health care because it is the only solution that provides health care for everyone and contains costs while improving quality. HCAC remains open to a robust public option on a national level and supports the right of states to pursue their own innovative health reform plans.

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