2018 CO Governor Candidate Survey on Health Care

Health Care for All Colorado is a leading nonprofit organization seeking solutions to provide affordable, quality health care for all residents of Colorado.

As a candidate for Governor of Colorado in 2018, it is important for you to provide a position statement on your views regarding health care, health care reform, and your vision and principles regarding universal health care.

Please answer the following few questions by Friday, June 9th, so that we may compile all responses for our thousands of supporters across Colorado. This survey should only take a few minutes to complete, as it comprises only 4 multiple-choice questions and 1 free-form response.

We recognize it is still very early in the campaign season, so we will welcome future opportunities to engage with you and update your answers and position statements as you see fit. Thank you for your honest responses!

(1/5) Relatively speaking, how much of a priority is solving health care problems compared to other state issues?

Examples of current issues may include: access, affordability, rising medical costs, universality, employer involvement, transparency, cost to state and local governments, insurance availability and costs, provider network adequacy, drug prices, public health, long-term care, high deductibles, lack of integrated and ubiquitous electronic health records, and excessive administrative costs.

This survey has 5 questions.

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