Colorado Democratic Party Caucus

On March 7th, both Colorado Democratic and Republican Parties are holding their party caucuses.  The caucus process is how the grassroots informs the party of what issues are important to them. At caucus precincts, resolutions are proposed and voted upon. Resolutions with significant support make their way into County and State party platforms.

Improved Medicare for All has been consistently prominent in past years within the Colorado Democratic Party Platform, but there's no reason to stop now! We believe in the benefits of health care for all regardless of party.  Health needs do not discriminate based on party affiliation. Given the strong support for universal health care among Republican voters as well, we'd love to see our Republican and Republican-leaning Independent voters promote resolutions at the GOP Caucus as well!

Find out more about the caucus process and a sample recommendation for Caucus Resolution language here.

2020 Democratic Party Caucus Locations

March 07, 2020 at 2pm - 4pm
somewhere close to your neighborhood!

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