Amendment 69 FAQ

We continue to receive some outstanding questions regarding ColoradoCare and Amendment 69.

Ask Us!

We didn't write the Initiative/Amendment language, but we have spent months analyzing it, and will hopefully provide you with a clear analysis and response to your questions.

We would like to thank everybody for your excellent questions.

Many of you have received personalized responses based on your specific cases. We apologize if we haven't responded to your specific question yet. The interest level has far exceeded our expectations!

For most questions, we encourage you to visit the following resources that answer 99% of the questions we have seen so far:

If your question has not been covered with either of these two resources, please ask us here!

This is a new section of our website. We've been fielding dozens of questions in recent days and have been responding to people individually so far.

Please refer to the two sites above for general answers, and let us know if you have a question that has not been adequately addressed!