Broncos Super Bowl Win Costs Several Elated Fans Thousands of Dollars Each

super-bowl-babies_800.pngIf you watched the Super Bowl yesterday, or at least the commercials, you probably noticed an interesting NFL Commercial that makes the claim that nine months after a victory, the winning city experiences a baby boom. This is apparently due to elated fans taking their joy to the bedroom after the game.

Assuming this to be true, and understanding that most healthy people of childbearing age are covered by for-profit health insurance with deductibles, then it is no stretch to realize that a lot of Colorado couples will be bumping into their high deductibles come delivery time around the beginning of November. Deductibles of thousands of dollars must be met before insurers will cover any medical claims. Even higher out-of-pocket maximums could mean medical bills as high as $13,700 just for having a baby.

High deductibles, as well as maximum out-of-pocket limits, create a significant financial burden to many. The financial risk that used to be associated with being uninsured is now borne by significantly higher numbers of people WITH INSURANCE.

To add insult to injury, just a couple of months after all of these births, their deductibles reset -- just in time for shots, well-baby visits, and your typical childhood illnesses.

The good news is that Colorado has a very good chance to not only deliver a bunch of Bronco babies in 9 months, but also deliver a universal health care system that will eliminate deductibles and other financial burden related to health care. ColoradoCare (Amendment 69) will be put to a vote of the people in November, just nine short months from now.

It will be too late to prevent huge bills for this year's Super Bowl baby births, but once passed, will help all of us avoid the pain, suffering, and high costs caused by private health insurance. A comprehensive universal health plan that covers everybody and saves us billions of dollars a year would be a welcome addition to any and all Colorado families. Spread the word!


HCAC relies on the generous contributions of people like you, who recognize the chronic and expensive failings of the current system and would like to be able to live in a place that respects people and provides universal health care to its citizens. We need your help now to fight the millions of dollars being pumped in by the Koch Brothers and others to defeat the will of the citizens. Please consider donating or becoming a member today.


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  • Donna Young
    commented 2016-02-08 19:14:27 -0700
    Wow, 2016 will see a mini baby boom.

    And and opportunity to vote for ColoradoCare – Amendment 69!

    Go Broncos – go Amendment 69! An idea whose time has come.