A perspective on the Colorado Public Option

In 2019, the Colorado Legislature passed HB19-1004, A Proposal For Affordable Health Coverage Option.  The result was a Health insurance Public Option proposal developed by the Colorado Division of Insurance and Colorado's Health Care Policy and Financing Department, which has been published along with significant public comment.

What does the Proposal look like?  What would have to happen to enact it?  What decisions are still left up to the state legislature this year as they review the proposal?

The goal is to increase coverage and reduce costs.  How well is it expected to work, and most importantly -- will this help us get to universal health care? (Spoiler: It will help thousands of people (about 0.1% of our current population), but it will NOT get us to universal health care.)

We took the time to review the proposal and put together this presentation to inform you on this important issue.

Bottom line:  It is worthy to support, based on the marginal benefits projected, but we must not let up on our push for single payer, publicly-financed, privately-delivered, universal health care.

Download and Read Our Presentation below:


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