HB23-1209 is Introduced!

Representative Boesenecker, Representative McCormick, and Senator Jaquez Lewis have introduced a bill this session to authorize a formal study that would fully analyze the impacts of a proposed universal health care system.


If enacted, the Colorado School of Public Health would conduct a detailed analysis of the feasibility of creating a publicly financed, privately delivered universal health care system in Colorado, including how to equitably finance the system and the economic impacts.  Given that every prior (smaller scale) study has arrived at the same overwhelming conclusion — that universal health care would be overwhelmingly beneficial and billions of dollars cheaper statewide — you can guess who (and how financially loud and wrong) our opposition is going to be.

This is REALLY BIG and BREAKING NEWS!  Stay tuned here for updates (or make sure you sign up for our email alerts) as we let you know more about what's going on, why we support this, and how you can help!

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