HCAC Legislative Committee

Health policy bills under consideration, Colorado's 71st General Assembly (2016),

January 2016 - May 2016

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Bill name Bill #

Prime Sponsor(s)

Current status HCAC endorsed
End of Life Options HB 1054 Court, Ginal, Merrifield House laid over to 6/16 monitor

PUC Permit for Medical Transport

HB 1097

Corram, Moreno, Scott

Signed by Gov


Interstate Medical Licencing

HB 1047

Buck, Winter, Newell, Roberts

Sent to Governor


Rural Health Preceptor Tax Credit

HB 1142

Buck, Ginal, Crowder, Cook Sent to Governor support
Income Tax Credit for Home Health Care HB 1065 Conti Postponed indefinitely monitor
Drug Production Cost Transparency HB 1102 Ginal, Newell, Roberts postponed indefinitely support
Medicaid Option for Prescribed Drug by Mail SB 027

Martinez, Humenik, Todd
Primavera, Landgraf

To Governor support
Community Para-medicine Regulation SB 069 Garcia, Pabon Sent to Gov support
Home Modification Services in Medicaid Waivers  HB 1195 Crowder and Steadman Postponed Indefinitely support
Contraceptive Coverage, Public and Private Insurance  HB 1294 Lontine, Esgar, Guzman Postponed indefinitely in Approp support
Study Single Geographic Area for Individual Health Plans HB 1336 Hammer, Rankin, Donovon Signed by Gov support
Health Coverage Prescription Contraceptive Supply HB 1322 Pettersen, Coram,Donovan Postponed Indefinitely support
Tax Incentive For Unreimbursed Medicaid Fees HB 1212 Roupe Postponed indefinitely support
Patient Choice In Pharmacy HB 1361 Primavera, Becker, Sonnenber, Newell Postponed Indefinitely support
Required Notice and Disclosure Freestanding ER HB 1374 McCann, Kefalas Postponed Indefinitely support
Add in home support for certain Medicaid Waivers HB 1380 Young Postponed Indefinitely support
Colorado Healthcare Affordability and Sustainability (Hospital Provider Fee as TABOR Enterprise) HB 1420 Hullinghorst and Crowder Postponed Indefinitely support
 Suicide Prevention through Zero Suicide Model  SB 147  Newell, Martinez HUmenik, Pettersen Sent to Gov  support



Health policy bills under consideration, Colorado's 70th General Assembly (2015),

January 7, 2015 - May 6, 2015 

Bill name Bill #

Prime Sponsor(s)

Current status HCAC endorsed
Health Care Delivery via Telemedicine HB 1029  Rep. Ginal  Governor signed yes
Competency to Proceed Juvenile Justice HB 1025 Rosenthal and Newell Postponed Indefinitely yes
License Mental Health Providers treat Minors HB 1032 Singer and Aguilar Governor signed yes
Continuing Professional Development Psychologists HB 1067 Kraft -Tharpe Governor signed yes
Registered Naturopathic Doctors Treating Children 0-2 years HB 1075 Ginal and Crowder Governor signed yes
Women's Health Protection Act HB 1128 Neville Postponed Indefinitely NO
Colorado Works Pass Through Child Support Payment SB 012 Kefalas and Pettersen Sent to Governor yes
Dispense Supply of Emergency Drugs for Overdose Victim SB 053 Aguilar, McCann and Lontine Governor signed yes
Clean Claims Task Force Reporting SB 057 Balmer and Williams Governor signed yes
Pharmacy Substitute Interchangeable Biological Drugs SB 071 Jahn, Hill, McCann and Langraf Governor signed monitor / no position
Transparency in Direct Payment of Health Care Prices SB 074 Neville and Joshi Postponed Indefinitely

For HCAC Position, click HERE

Interstate Compact of EMS Providers HB 1015 Winter and Cooke Governor signed yes
Prescription Give Back to Institutions HB 1039 Tyler and Neville Governor signed yes
Authorize General Fund for LARC Services HB 1194 Becker and Coram Postponed Indefinitely yes
Respite Care Study Task Force HB 1233 Landgraf and Aguilar Sent to Governor yes
Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriptive Authority SB 197 Crowder, Jahn, Fields, Willett Sent to Governor yes
Floor for Medicaid Provider Rates HB 1151 Ranken and Lambert Postponed Indefinitely yes

Patient Caregiver Designation Hospital Requirement

HB 1242 Danielson and Aguilar Governor signed yes
Homeless Persons 'Bill of Rights HB 1264 Salazar, Melton and Kefalas Postponed Indefinitely yes
Tax Credit for Preceptors Health Prof Shortage Areas HB 1238 Buck and Cooke Postponed Indefinitely yes
FAMLI Insurance Program Wage Replacement HB 1258  Winter, Salazar and Ulibarri Lost 3rd ReadingHouse yes


HCAC Position Statements:

  • HCAC Position on CO SB15-074 (Transparency in Direct Payment of Health Care Prices), 2/9/2015


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