HCAC Newsletter March 2021

March 2021


The goal of Health Care for All Colorado (HCAC) is to
achieve universal, affordable, 
accessible, undeniable,
and portable health care for all Coloradans.
Flash Alert!

Our friends over at the Health Care for All Colorado Foundation are kicking off a monthly Town Hall series on health care.  The first one starts momentarily, at 10am MDT today.

“What’s the Matter with U.S. Health Care?”
Dr. Rochelle Dworet and Dr. Vince Markovchick

At 10am, click here to join the Zoom:

 Meeting ID: 871 149 2302
 Passcode: 5dzbd6


The new Improved Medicare for All bill was introduced earlier this week and now has a bill number.

H.R. 1976

THREE of our Colorado Representatives are original cosponsors! Is your Representative on the list? Click here to find out.  If they are, please thank them.  If not, let them know they need to sign on!

A coalition of national organizations supporting this Medicare for All bill is collecting supporter signatures here:  https://medicare4allnow.org/
Content from our latest Webinar

At our last Webinar on 3/13, we were treated to an excellent set of presentations from the Co-Chairs of the Colorado Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, Dr. Cecile Rose and Dr. Rick Bieser.

Check out this blog entry for links to the webinar video and presentation materials.
Beware the “Health Care Future”

If you watch any television at all, you’ve probably seen them.  Advertisements from Orwellian-named front groups attacking Medicare for All at the federal level and the Colorado Public Option at the state level.  Who are the “Partnership for America’s Health Care Future” and “Colorado’s Health Care Future” and what is their goal?  These are corporate special interest groups that comprise health insurers, hospitals, big pharma, and more that are all collaborating to kill any attempt at health care reform that would threaten a dime of their profits, all at our expense.

We will be working to break down their deceptive but blatant lies for you, one-by-one.  If you see a commercial, print ad, email, or other garbage from these terrible front groups, please let us know!  Help us be our eyes and ears!  Also, if you have any interest in working on a special communications project related to this, please let Nathan know via email.

Help us with outreach by answering a few simple questions about social media
We are preparing to implement a bold and strategic communications plan this year to help education, outreach, and the political will for health care reform.  Before we do, we would like to know a little bit about your social media habits to help us understand where to focus our efforts.  This VERY SHORT SURVEY only takes a few minutes to complete. Will you answer a few questions to help us achieve Improved Medicare for All?

Health Care for All Colorado is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization and relies entirely on the contributions of volunteers and supporters like you to carry out our mission.  Please consider becoming a member and making a contribution to support a worthy cause.

Health Care Is A Human Right!


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