HCAC News March/April 2023

The goal of Health Care for All Colorado (HCAC) is to
achieve universal, affordable, 
accessible, undeniable,
and portable health care for all Coloradans.
Denver Movie Premiere Alert!

American_Hospitals_Coming_Soon.pngOn Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 7pm, The Denver premiere of American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System will take place at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Sloans Lake, Denver.  This provocative documentary was produced by the team behind @FixItFilms.

Tickets are $14 online, available at the theater's website.

Join HCAC and our partners for this film next week.  Following the film, there will be Q&A with very special guests:  Wendell Potter, former Cigna executive turned insurance industry whistleblower; Katie Bakes, MD; and Jeanne Nicholson.

View the movie trailer here (YouTube).

Legislative Update - HB23-1209 Analyze Statewide Publicly Funded Health Care

HB23-1209, Analyze Statewide Publicly Funded Health Care, has passed the House Health & Insurance Committee and is due next in Appropriations.

Thank you to everybody that testified or submitted messages to the committee.

You can access prior news and documents related to HB23-1209 at the 1209 information center on our website.

The bill will still need to pass the full House before it moves on to the Senate, but we will keep you apprised of future hearings and developments.

Healthcare-NOW! National Medicare for All Strategy Conference


Our Medicare for All friends over at Healthcare-NOW! have online registration open for participation in their VIRTUAL/ONLINE Annual Medicare for All Strategy Conference on April 17-23, 2023.

Early Bird ticket pricing ($35) is only available for the next couple of days.  Wait until April 1st and it goes up to $50, so don't delay!

Winning Universal Health Care through Artificial Intelligence

grid_0.pngYou may have heard about ChatGPT in the news lately, one of the latest developments in using artificial intelligence (AI) and language models to generate new content (both text and images) and assimilate knowledge in novel ways.

But how can AI help us win universal health care?  The HCAC Communications Committee is looking for people interested in leveraging the latest powerful information technology to help us drive past the tipping point.

We will start off with a brainstorming/roundtable session, demonstrating several examples of the capabilities of AI and suggestions on how to use it effectively.

No experience is necessary, but creativity and a lack of fear of new technology are highly encouraged.  If you can write a sentence, you can interact with ChatGPT. No specialized technology skills are required.

Interested?  Register for the HCAC AI Zoom session on Saturday 4/15 here.  If you cannot make that event, register anyway so that we can send you updates on future activities.

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