HR 676 Reintroduced!

HR676 -- Improved and Expanded Medicare for All for life Re-Introduced!

DonnaSmithandJohnConyers.gifRep. John Conyers, D-MI, has re-introduced HR676 -- and onTuesday, February 3, 2015, HR676 had 44 co-sponsors.  Not one of those co-sponsors is from Colorado even though the single-payer movement is alive and well here.  Please get on the phone and call your elected officials.  

Let's demand that they support HR676 by signing on as co-sponsors.  One of our partners, Healthcare-NOW!, has provided this easy way to find your Congressional members.  CLICK HERE.

Pictured at the right are Rep. John Conyers and Donna Smith, executive director of HCAC/HCACF.  Click on the photo for a fun video look back at one of the many times Mr. Conyers and Donna came together to push for HR676.  Let's keep on going!

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