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Nathan Wilkes

Nathan Wilkes

Living in Colorado since 1998 and raising three wonderful children. Got involved in national and state health care reform efforts after the birth of my son in 2003 opened my eyes to the horrors and atrocities of our current US (non-)health care syst

I and my family have always been covered by the best insurance possible, yet we have still been put through hell on a daily basis, facing one private insurance crisis after another and accumulating six-figure medical debt in the process. Despite playing by all the rules, the game is fixed and there is no way to win.

The current system is tragic, unnecessary, and irreparably broken -- and we pay a huge premium (in money, lives, and limitations on society & business) for the privilege of having one of the worst health financing and delivery systems in the world.

It's time to rethink a system based on American ideals of freedom, innovation, and cooperation -- and end the reign of the profiteering middleman in health care that adds absolutely no value and constantly gets in between the care that a patient and provider deem necessary and beneficial. We can create a universal Colorado health care system that offers better care to everyone at a lower cost (over $1.4 Billion per year) without making any sacrifices to the people of Colorado.

If you have a medical need, you should be able to get medical care without the threat of economic ruin.

With everyone in, everyone is covered, and everyone contributes fairly based on their ability to pay. No more need for welfare mechanisms or charity care.

With all providers in, there would be no more insurance-induced network limitations. You can see any doctor in Colorado, and the "free market" influence on competition is based on quality of care.

There are many more reasons why I support HCAC, and I will be blogging on these specific reasons from time to time.

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