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  • commented on Share Your Story 2016-12-04 09:39:50 -0700
    After my wife needed surgery on her neck due to a car accident we carefully established all the preliminary approvals, selected a doctor and hospital that are part of our insurance plan and had the surgery. Months after it was complete the bills started arriving. Thousands of dollars in co-pays, followed by an outrageous bill for more than $14,000 for a surgical assistant (more than the surgeon was paid incidentally). We did not select this man, did not see him and had no idea he was present. HE, of all the people in the OR, was not employed by the hospital, he was employed by a firm in Texas that would not take our insurance and expected to be paid directly. After my company, my insurance and the hospital told they could or would do nothing (and OH by the way that bill DOESN’T COUNT toward “out of pocket maximum” guaranteed by insurance) I had to get a lawyer involved. Colorado HAD a law to prevent this sort of garbage but quietly repealed – after a bunch of legislators were paid off no doubt….. This sort of greedy profit driven nonsense has to stop.

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  • commented on ColoradoCare Questions 2016-03-08 13:36:15 -0700
    I live in Colorado but work from home for an out of state (actually multi-national) company. Would Colorado care cover me? How would it effect my employer? Would it supplement or replace my current (not very good) health insurance?

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