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    Prior to Obamacare, health care diagnoses and treatments were denied, due to pre-existing conditions. Now, under Obamacare, premiums have been skyrocketing astronomically, with huge deductibles, so people I know (I’m on Medicare) are having a hard time getting medical help (diagnosis and treatment) for things like back pain, knee pain, hip pain, etc.

    Share Your Story

    The American health care system is so fragmented that there are countless cracks for us to fall through. Most of us know of someone who has experienced these problems at some level. 

    Do you have a personal health care horror story you would be willing to share with us? If so, please tell us about it here. We need as many stories as possible to help shine a light on the problems that exist in our current system.

    Your input is completely confidential. We will not share your story with anyone without your explicit permission.

    Some examples of how our system has failed us:

    • Insurance company denying care due to ("experimental", off-label use, not included in benefits, result of pre-existing condition, workplace-related injury, other)
    • Being pushed into high-deductible health plans, which result in cost-sharing that prevents access to necessary care
    • Unable to afford private insurance, yet make too much for Medicaid
    • Having to divorce to qualify for coverage
    • Having to get married to get coverage
    • Employer doesn't offer health insurance coverage
    • Loss of job resulting in loss of coverage
    • Health catastrophe while uninsured resulting in huge bills

    First off, we want to make sure that your health care needs are being met. If you have an existing problem, we will tap into our vast resources in health care, nursing, dealing with insurers, and public programs to help provide the best outcome possible in the current environment. We may not always be able to help directly, but we can guide you in the right direction.

    Additionally, we are working hard to fight for total system reform so that millions of Coloradans aren't living life in harm's way, so that today's profit-driven medicine and medical financing system puts patients first and treats all Coloradans with the dignity they deserve. To make this happen, we need stories of how the current system has failed us. We need YOUR STORY.

    How we may use your story (always only with your permission, and anonymously by request):

    • In articles and blogs as an anecdotal example
    • In contacting state and federal legislators
    • In video testimonials or interviews
    • On speaking tours (let us know if you would be willing to be a public speaker, or want to learn how to be an effective public speaker)
    • As a contact to media organizations seeking persons experiencing specific issues

    We know these problems exist, yet rarely are changes made without a personal, human connection. This is why YOUR STORY is an important and essential part of our campaign to bring universal health care to the citizens of Colorado.

    If you work in the private insurance industry, and would like to be an anonymous whistleblower, PLEASE consider sharing your story with us as well.

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    When will there be ANSWERS to everyone’s questions?

    ColoradoCare Questions

    An Amendment to upgrade the state of Colorado to universal health care is a pretty big deal.

    We know you have questions. Ask us, and we'll try to respond with clear answers.



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