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  • answered 2016-10-22 12:34:20 -0600
    Q: On the ballot in Colorado this year is Amendment 69, aka "ColoradoCare," which would modify how health care is financed in the state of Colorado, replacing private for-profit health insurers with universal coverage for residents. Which of the following responses most closely aligns with your current position on Amendment 69?
    A: I need more information to decide.

    ColoradoCare (Amendment 69) Survey

    A69_yes-or-no_med.pngThis ONE-QUESTION SURVEY is simply to understand current support levels among likely Colorado voters.

    It will not place you on our mailing list unless you select "Send me email updates."

    If you are not located in Colorado or not registered to vote, please indicate so in your answer.

    If you wish, you may optionally elaborate on your response after you submit your answer.

    If you need additional independent information on ColoradoCare, we have found the following 3rd-party resource to provide a fair explanation and balanced presentation on pro/con arguments:

    We are not associated with nor endorse this particular independent site. We simply find it to be free of partisan or ideological rhetoric, while presenting the arguments for both sides and providing comprehensive background information on the issues and problems with our current system.

    You do not need to review that site to answer this ONE-QUESTION SURVEY.


    Take the Survey

  • commented on ColoradoCare Questions 2016-10-22 12:31:52 -0600
    How much would ColoradoCare cost me and for what coverage?

    ColoradoCare Questions

    Curious about universal health care in Colorado? Ask us all your questions about ColoradoCare / Amendment 69.