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    Please watch this site as we develop programs for the first half of 2014. All programs cost money and we have to turn to our supporters for financial support. Please go to and press the Donate button provide us with a tax-deductible donation. If you would like to be a member go to become a member –
    Thank you!

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    Endorse "Health Care as a Human Right" Ballot Initiative

    We're gathering support for Colorado's "Health Care as a Human Right" citizen ballot initiative.  Please join a large and growing list of other Coloradans -- individuals, groups, and organizations -- in endorsing this amendment to Colorado Bill of Rights.

    Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning the provision of one public health insurance program to allow all Colorado residents access to a single standard of health care as a matter of human right and public good, and, in connection therewith, requiring the General Assembly to enact legislation creating a public health insurance plan, requiring the Colorado department of revenue to collect a premium not to exceed 9% of an individual’s income to fund the plan, and prohibiting the control or administration of premiums by a for-profit, nonpublic entity or corporation?

    I endorse Ballot Initiative #12, Health Care is a Human Right and Public Good in Colorado.


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    I believe in all the principles of Health Care for All Colorado and happy to endorse the organization.

    Endorse Our Basic Principles

    The American health care system, while offering good care to those that can afford it, is fundamentally flawed in its basic structure and leaves too many citizens without access to necessary care at an affordable rate. While improvements are being made, we believe in the following basic principles that will improve access, cost, and quality for all citizens.

    If you wish to sign on as an endorsing organization or individual, please do so below.


    • We believe that all individuals that need medical care should be able to obtain needed medical care.
    • We believe that all citizens have a right to seek quality, affordable health care.


    • We believe that financial barriers to care should be removed, so that our focus is on improving health and wellness.
    • We believe that saving over $1.4 Billion per year by covering everyone in Colorado with an efficient, universal, robust plan is fiscally responsible and morally prudent.


    • We believe that quality should be a universal goal, as opposed to a multi-tiered system that introduces different levels of quality.
    • We believe that continuity of care is essential to improved quality.
    • We believe that long-term focus on prevention is lost in a market-oriented health care system.
    • We believe that integrated data systems for all patients and providers is critical for improved outcomes and making intelligent treatment decisions.


    • We believe that any system that is not universal in nature creates too many opportunities for failure and abuse.
    • We believe that eliminating overhead designed to segment the population into different groups is essential in bringing down costs and promoting quality.
    • We believe that universal coverage is essential to eliminate job-lock and promote entrepreneurship.


    • We believe that the health care relationship should be between a patient and provider, without interference from insurers or employers that have different financial objectives.
    • We believe that giving citizens the freedom to choose their health care providers is essential to improving quality, expanding access, and introducing positive market forces.
    • We believe in protecting the privacy of the patient/provider relationship through public accountability.
    • We believe in eliminating financial conflicts of interest in making medical treatment decisions.

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    MLK’s speech when he went to the DC and spoke so eloquently – I have a Dream. I have a Dream as well. Some day everyone in Colorado will be covered with a non-for-profit, public, plan which will provide access to health care by an health practitioner of your choice. Please join us in this effort.

A political progressive and activist ! Active on Boards of Health Care for All Colorado Mother and grandmother Wife for 45 years
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