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    April 2015 News

    Health Care for All Colorado - NEWS – April 2015 


    1. A message from Donna Smith, Executive Director, HCAC/HCACF.
    2. HCAC Denver Chapter Meeting – presentation by CHCC (Sen. Irene Aguilar)
    3. Colorado Cost Commission meetings
    4. Colorado legislature bills
    5. HCAC Annual Meeting
    6. HCACF Education Meeting/Fund Raiser – May 2015 – CANCELLED
    7. Medicare 50th Anniversary celebration – July 30, 2015   . 
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    Endorse "Health Care as a Human Right" Ballot Initiative

    We're gathering support for Colorado's "Health Care as a Human Right" citizen ballot initiative.  Please join a large and growing list of other Coloradans -- individuals, groups, and organizations -- in endorsing this amendment to Colorado Bill of Rights.

    Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning the provision of one public health insurance program to allow all Colorado residents access to a single standard of health care as a matter of human right and public good, and, in connection therewith, requiring the General Assembly to enact legislation creating a public health insurance plan, requiring the Colorado department of revenue to collect a premium not to exceed 9% of an individual’s income to fund the plan, and prohibiting the control or administration of premiums by a for-profit, nonpublic entity or corporation?

    I endorse Ballot Initiative #12, Health Care is a Human Right and Public Good in Colorado.


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