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  • commented on ColoradoCare Questions 2016-01-22 14:20:00 -0700
    1. Will this insurance only be active / accepted in Colorado, or will it work nationwide? Specifically, I’m wondering how it would be handled if one of my family members got sick in Alabama, for instance, and needed to see a doctor?

    2. I am a retired school administrator from Kentucky and receive free (nationally recognized) comprehensive health insurance via a plan through Anthem and my primary income is a pension from the state of Kentucky. How does the single-payer plan impact my situation?

    3. My impression is that the single-payer plan is construed along the lines of an expanded Medicare / Medicaid system. While I understand that doctor’s offices will save quite a bit of money via a streamlined billing system and quick payments, will the payment amounts be more like Medicaid, higher like Anthem, or somewhere in between?

    4. Will every Colorado health care facility (doctor’s office – primary, dentist, eye, etc., pharmacy, immediate care center, hospital, etc.) be required to participate and accept as full payment the amount received from the system (i.e. no balance billing)?

    5. Will there be deductibles or co-pays?

    6. Will supplemental plans be allowed for services limited by the system (such as number of days of in-home nursing care or perhaps dental / vision services) or for services not currently covered by Medicaid / Medicare?

    ColoradoCare Questions

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