Monica Koziol

  • posted about Get Involved on Facebook 2016-02-26 14:44:50 -0700
    Check out Health Care for All Colorado. I just joined.

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    Yes, I believe we need a system of universal health care. I would like to join in the efforts of Health Care for All Colorado in making this vision a reality in Colorado.

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  • commented on December 2013 Newsletter 2014-01-01 13:35:33 -0700
    I guess I have to wait until this state decides what to do with someone like me. SIGH

  • commented on About 2013-11-06 13:38:19 -0700
    I think the ACA is a great start, but I am unemployed and have been w/o work for five years. I am 56 and caring for an infirmed family member since 2007. Since there are no children in the house, applying for Medicaid is out of the question. Paying into Medicare so everyone is covered is a great idea but it should no longer have “parts”. That I think, has only made it less effective.

House-elf Second Class Caregiver to animals, and humans. A gal who does not accept the enumerable ways America is not who she used to be! ENOUGH!
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