Medicare Anniversary Action Event

Medicare is having it’s 49th Birthday! 

And there is no better way to recognize the success of the Medicare program than to improve it and expand it to all residents of the United States.  Health care is a human right, and it is time we live up to that standard.

Please join us on Medicare's anniversary -- Wednesday, July 30th, 11:30 a.m. --  at the Denver office of Congresswoman Diana DeGette, CD1, to ask her not only to support good policy, but also to stand up for the millions of uninsured and under-insured that desperately need our nation to finally live up to our ideals. 

Activists with Health Care for All Colorado will be meeting earlier that morning at 10:30 am at the Qdoba Grill at 550 Grant to record video stories about the continuing health care shortfalls after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. If you have a story or would like to help record others stories please join us.  We will add more details to this page as those details become available.

After we meet up and gather stories, we will walk together to Rep. DeGette's office at 6th and Grant to ask Rep. DeGette to commit to become a cosponsor of HR 676. The United States National Health Care Act, or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, which has been introduced every year since 2003 by Rep. John Conyers.  Rep. Jared Polis was a co-sponsor of HR676 in a previous Congressional session, but not one of Colorado's current Congressional delegation has stepped up to support making health care a human right for all.  

HR676 would save the American people 300 billion dollars per year and extend the great gains made by Medicare in the war on poverty beyond our elders to all people. For our action, you may also wish to make a sign or two to support HR676, Medicare for all.

To share a bit more of the history of Medicare, on July 30th 1965, as part of the War on Poverty, President Lyndon Johnson signed amendments to the Social Security Act creating Medicare. Medicare, by providing national health insurance to those with disabilities and those over 65, brought the level of poverty afflicting our elders from 28.5 percent in 1966 to 9.1 percent in 2012.  Medicare has not only been one of the most successful anti-poverty programs ever enacted in the United States, but also a great moral and ethical advancement for our society and our communities. Harry and Bess Truman were the first to enroll on that historic day of Medicare's enactment, but it took only one year for all who were eligible to be enrolled in Medicare.  No websites or exchanges needed.  Everybody in and nobody out!

We'll look forward to seeing you on July 30th.  If you work in the medical profession please wear your white coat or scrubs, etc. 

If you are unable to attend the action please call Representative DeGette and your own Representative & Senator to ask them to support HR 676.  We'll add phone numbers to an email blast and this page prior to the July 30 action.  

July 30, 2014 at 10:30am - 1pm
meet at Qdoba; then walk together to Congresswoman Degette's office
550 Grant St
Denver, CO
United States
Google map and directions
Donna Smith ·

Will you come?

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    I can't make 10:30, but maybe I can make later.
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    I can't make but I'll be spreading the word. :)
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    The video "Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know" at is 2.5 hours long but it's totally worth your time to watch the whole entire thing because it exposes how the cops, judges, prosecution attorneys, politicians, and car insurance salesmen have stolen BILLIONS from the common people as well as the secrets that anyone can follow to prevent them from stealing that money. Also check out the scripts related to the video at This video can help put a stop to tyranny and in turn bring freedom and higher consciousness to all! So please help me in my crusade to spread this info like wildfire on a global scale.
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    Please RSVP: Medicare Anniversary Action, in Denver on July 30th. Join us and let's get Medicare for all for life
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    Please RSVP: Medicare Anniversary Action, in Denver on July 30th. Join us and let's get Medicare for all for life
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