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Pittsburgh Connections is a program to show CMU students all sorts of outdoor activities in the Pittsburgh area.

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  • commented on ColoradoCare Questions 2016-08-26 16:24:39 -0600
    1) If I’m travelling out of state or out of country and get sick, will I still be covered?

    2) Do you expect employers to lower wages to handle their portion of the income tax?

    3) What about employees of Colorado companies who don’t live in state?

    4) If there is a funds surplus at the end of the year? Will that money get returned to tax payers or used in the state general fund or kept in a lock-box for a rainy day?

    5) If there is a funds deficit at the end of the year, how will the state pay for it? Will money be pulled from the state general fund?

    6) Would capital gains be taxed? What about rich or retired people who have no income but lots of capital gains?

    7) Do you need volunteers to help design or manage the website? The blank FAQ is less helpful than no FAQ at all.

    ColoradoCare Questions

    Curious about universal health care in Colorado? Ask us all your questions about ColoradoCare / Amendment 69.