A Public Option Could Be Costly For Coloradans

Denver Post, Letter To Editor

Re: “A public option could be costly for Coloradans”  December 10, 2019

HB19-1004 was well intentioned, as is the recently submitted proposal for implementation.  Health Care for All Colorado (HCAC)  thanks the sponsors of HB19-1004 for bringing this bill forward with the objective of providing more affordable health care coverage.  HCAC also appreciates the work of the HCPF and DOI in including stakeholders from across the state in developing the implementation proposal.

However, the Colorado Public Option Plan, like every other proposal other than Medicare-For-All, revolves around premiums, profits, and markets, the very factors that make our current system so expensive and incomplete.  If it does not fail entirely (like the vaunted co-ops of Obamacare) it will make only a small dent in the expense, complexity, and cruelty of our current system.

Judith Burke, RN
Secretary, Health Care for All Colorado

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