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Glen Gibson

God is always better than you thought. The love of Jesus is deeper than you know.The Spirit is everywhere working the wonders of Mercy.

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  • commented on ColoradoCare Questions 2016-05-01 06:27:42 -0600
    The proposal says a 10% income tax will be in place to pay for the plan. Of that, 7% would be funded by employers and 3% by an employee. Q: Is that for the entire household or is there a different amount paid for the employee than what is paid for the rest of the employee’s family? 2) How will people who are not able to work or who have a low income pay into this plan? Is it the same cost of 10% for all or do some people making less than a certain amount not have to pay or have an adjustment to how much they pay?

    ColoradoCare Questions

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